Acquisition and Trading in Tungsten Carbide Scrap

More than 17 years in the trading of tungsten carbide scrap both domestic and international.

We purchase metals,alloys and residues containing tungsten,molybdenum,cobalt,chrome,nickel and deliver to recycling facilities.

We also purchase pure tungsten and all tungsten-containing alloys such as Hevimet, Densalloy, Inconel, Waspalloy,Stellites,High Speed Steel etc. in a variety of forms.

Tungsten Carbide

Recycling, going-green or environmentally-friendly are today's buzzwords.

The recycling of tungsten has good economic and environmental benefits.

With tungsten being a key component in cemented carbide, it is considered scarce and finite material.

By trading of tungsten carbide scrap,we are both contributing environmental sustainability goals of businesses and lowering the environmental impact of the manufacturing processes.